The Magic of Machine Learning

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Arthur C. Clarke

Making the Magic Happen

Technology is here to help us, to make our lives better. On the other hand, technology can also be very overwhelming. Machine Learning is no exception to that. The magic can only happen if the complexity is hidden from the user.

Images in our photo library are automatically tagged with the right categories. Media services and webshops mysteriously seem to know which items we will like. No need for us to know what's under the hood.

At Bloomore we want to be part of that magic. Helping you build solutions that hide all complexity from your users. Making their lives better.

Here to Help You


Need someone to run and manage your Machine Learning project? We will provide you with the right team for the job.


Running your own project but in need of specific experience and additional resources? We'll find you a perfect match.


Bloomore wants to build and sell its own pieces of magic. More about that later.

The Magical Mystery Tour

Stefaan Debevere Nurturer

Intrigued by Machine Learning. Excited to start the journey. Nurturing the seed.

You? Explorer

We are still building our team. Ready to join the magical mystery tour? Love to hear from you!

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